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Desserts & Sweet Treats - Lebanese - Vegetarian - Western - Asian - Breakfast - Burger - Chicken - Eco Friendly Packaging - Pasta - Lao - Salad - Sandwich & Wrap - $$ - 09/093, Fa Ngum Road, Baan Seetarn Neua, Sikhottabong District, Vientiane
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Breakfast Bowl
Wholesome oat, raisins and almonds served in a deep bowl with freshly made local yoghurt a...
Ko Plak Kow (rice soup)
a wonderful (and filling= traditional local soup. Steamed Lao rice is slow cooked with oni...
Smoked salmon & avocado toast
smoked salmon served on a bed of guacamole style avocado with toasted country bread, grill...
Roast pumpkin & bacon toast
roast pumpkin smashed with garlic & onions and served on toasted country bread, with c...
our version of a traditional middle-eastern dish: local organic egg cooked in a pan with c...
Huevos Rancheros
our version of a traditional Mexican Breakfast dish; two fried organic eggs served with re...
Eggs benedict/ ໄຂ່ເບເນດິກ
two poached organic eggs served on toasted country bread with our freshly made hollandaise...
TSH FRY UP/TSH ຟຣາຍ ອັບ
two organic eggs served fried, poached or scrambled with crispy bacon, cumberland sausage,...
MEAT-FREE FRY UP/ມິທ໌ ຟຣີ ຟຣາຍ ອັບ
two organic eggs served fried, poached or scrambled with a vegetable spring rolls, our sig...

Bar Bites

Homemade hummus served with a side of garlic pitta bread
Homemade guacamole served with a side of garlic pitta bread
Sun dried pork/ຊີ້ນຫຼອດໝູ
Homemade Lao beef jerky served with deep fried kaffir lime leaves and a traditional spicy ...
Sun dried beef/ຊີ້ນຫຼອດງົວ
Homemade Lao pork jerky served with deep fried kaffir lime leaves and a traditional spicy ...
Moo Hom Paa (pigs in blankets)
Mini pork sausages, wrapped in bacon, pan-fried and served with honey BBQ sauce


Crispy raw vegetables served with a roasted pumpkin hummus
Homemade falafel served with honey, olive oil and a tahini sauce
Asian Bruschetta/ເຊຽນເບີເຈສຕ້າ
Garlic pitta, topped with Lao basil, diced tomato & onion
Chickpea & Mushroom Bruschetta/ຊິກພີ ເຫັດ ເບີເຈສຕ້າ
Sliced baguette, topped with homemade Lao-Mushroom paste, roasted chickpeas and balsamic v...
Spring rolls/ພັນຍໍຂາວ
Deep fried vegetable spring rolls served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce
Spare Ribs/ສະແປຣ ຣິບ
Deep fried pork ribs served with crispy garlic flakes and a traditional spicy Lao dip
Thinly sliced marinated Lao beef, sun-dried, deep fried and served with a Lao sweet & ...
Onion Rings/ອອນນຽນຣິ່ງ
Battered onion rings served with our homemade burger sauce dip
Potato Wedges/ມັນຝຣັ່ງເວດເຈັສ
Hand-cut rustic potato wedges, lightly seasoned and served with tomato ketchup
Eggplant & Hummus/ ເຂື່ອຫຳມ້າຮູມັສ
Grilled eggplant served with garlic pitta on a bed of hummus and finished with a flourish ...
Smoked salmon/ເຊວມອນຮົ່ມຄວັນ
Slices of smoked salmon served with a fresh tomato salsa, simple and delicious
Chicken Sticks/ຊິກເກັດສະຕິກ
Strips of Chicken fillet deep fried in breadcrumbs and served with homemade barbeque sauce
Arancini/ ອາລານຊີນິ
Pumpkin, rice and blue cheese rolled with herbs, deep fried and served with blue cheese dip
Salt & Pepper Squid/ ປາກມຶກ ເກືອ ແລະ ພິກໄທ
Succulent pieces of calmari fried in spiced breadcrumb coating and served with coriander, ...
Chicken & Olives​/ໄກ່ ແລະ ໂອລີບ
Shredded chicken, green and black olives served in a spiced tomato sauce
Sausage & Tomato/ ໄສ້ກອກ ແລະ ໝາກເລ່ນ
Homemade pork sausage served in a tomato sauce
Baked brie with bacon/ອົບເນຍແຂງ ກັບ ເບຄອນ
Small whole brie with bacon and onions and served with a spiced mango sauce and garlic pitta

Pitta Pockets

Roast vegetable pocket/ ຜັກປິງ ພ໋ອກເກັທ໌
Toasted pitta stuffed with grilled brocoli, cauliflower & eggplant with roast carrots,...
Falafel & Tzatziki Pocket/ຟາລາເຟວ ແລະ ທາທິກິ
Toasted pitta stuffed with falafel, lettuce, onion and tomato served with a tzatziki sauce
Crispy fish & Salsa Pocket/ ປາກອບ ແລະ ໂຊລຊ່າ ພ໋ອກເກັທ໌
Toasted pitta stuffed with crispy breaded fish, carrot, radish, tomato and feta cheese ser...
Grilled beef & eggplant pocket/ ປິງຊີ້ນງົວ ແລະ ເຂຶອຫຳມ້າ ພ໋ອກເກັທ໌
Toasted pitta stuffed with grilled lao beef and eggplant, lettuce, tomato and cheddar chee...
Honey & Garlic Chicken Pocket/ ນ້ຳເຜິ້ງ ແລະ ກະທຽມ ໄກ່ ພ໋ອກເກັທ໌
Toasted pitta stuffed with succulent honey & garlic chicken, carrot, radish, tomato an...

Buddha Bowls

Veg Bowl/ ເວກ ໂບ
Grilled broccoli, cauliflower & roasted tomato with shredded carrot, sugar snap peas a...
Falafel bowl/ ຟາລາເຟວ ໂບ
Homemade falafel, boiled egg, roasted carrots, avocado and tomato salsa served on a bed of...
Fish bowl/ ຟີສ ໂບ
Blackened fish, boiled egg, carrot & radish julienne, avocado and mango salsa served o...
Sausage Bowl /ສອດເສສ ໂບ
Homemade sausage, grilled eggplant, pesto, roasted carrots, avocado and tomato salsa serve...
Chicken bowl/ຊິກເກັນໂບລ
Grilled sesame, chicken, green olives, grilled eggplant, roasted carrots, avocado and toma...


Chickpea & Blue Cheese/ຊິກພີ ແລະ ບລູຊີສ
Local mushrooms, chickpeas and blue cheese served with a balsamic dressing
Green Mango & Fish/ໝາກມ່ວງຂຽວ ແລະ ປາ
Fresh local tilapia, green mango and feta cheese served with a sweet chilli mayonnaise dressing
Chicken ceaser(ish) Salad/ສະຫຼັດ ໄກ່ ຊີເຊີ
Chicken fillet, bacon and avocado served with parmesan, capers & crouton with a homema...

Falang food

Spaghetti with eggplant & pesto/ສະປາເກັທ໌ ເຂຶອຫຳມ້າ ແລະ ຊອດ ເພສໂຕ (ຊອດຂຽວ)
Grilled eggplant and pesto served on a bed of spaghetti with tomatoes and parmesan cheese
Penne with sausage & tomato/ເພນເນ່ ກັບ ໄສ້ກອກ ແລະ ໝາກເລ່ນ
Homemade pork sausage served with penne pasta in a tomato sauce
Blackened Fish & Mango/ ເບລັກເກັນຟິສ ແລະ ໝາກມ່ວງ
Blackened fish fillet served with guacamole and mango salsa
Spanish chicken/ ສະເປິນິສ ຊິກເກັນ
shredded chicken, green and black olives served with couscous and a spiced tomato sauce
Fish & Chips/ຟິສ ແອນ ຊິບ
Lao Beer-breaded Mekong river fish fillet served with a side salad and potato wedges with ...
The Spirit House Burger/ ເດິ ສະປີຣິທ໌ ເບີເກີ
The burger of champions; a 200g patty, bacon, egg and cheddar cheese, served with homemade...

Lao Food

Papaya Salad/ຕຳໝາກຫຸ້ງ
Lao's much-loved national dish. A spicy local salad, served with red carrot, cherry tomato...
Fried Morning Glory/ຜັກບົ້ງໄຟແດງ
Another classic Lao dish and one of our favourites. Local wated vegetable fried in oyster ...
Lao Laap/ລາບ
A traditional Lao dish of pan-fried minced meat, mixed with mint, coriander spring onions,...
Lao Beef salad/ສະຫຼັດຊີ້ນງົວ
Succulent local beef with carrot, onion, spring onion, white mushroom & celery leaves ...
Stir fried Kapow Leaves/ພັດກະເພົາ
Fresh Kapow leaves stir-fried with mushrooms, onion, long beans and chilli in a traditiona...
Tom Yum Soup/ຕົ້ມຍຳ
A delicious, traditional Spicy & Sour soup served with seafood
Fried Rice(ເຂົ້າຜັດ)
Pork or Chicken fried rice with vegetables and topped with a fried egg, served with a trad...
Tamarind Fish/ປາໝາກຂ້າມ (ແທັມເມີຣິນຟິສ)
A dark beer breaded Mekong river fish fillet served on a bed of green beans with a pork an...
Chicken & Ginger/ໄກ່ ແລະ ຂິງ
Shredded chicken fillet stir fried with onion, spices & fresh ginger
Balsamic Beef /ຊີ້ນງົວ ບັລສາມິກ (ຊີ້ນງົວສົ້ມ)
Strips of Local beef stir-fried in a balsamic vinegar sauce with peppers, onion, tomato &a...
Steamed fish lao style/ປ້ານຶງແບບລາວ
Beautiful whole tilapia fish, traditionally prepared in a fresh chilli, garlic, and lime s...
Steamed or Sticky rice/ເຂົ້າຈ້າວ/ເຂົ້າໜ້ຽວ

Kids Food

Pasta with veggies/ພາສຕ້າ ແລະ ເວກຈີ້
A kid's sized portion of spaghetti served with eggplant, pesto and tomato
Sausage & wedges/ໄສ້ກອກ ແລະ ເວດເຈັສ
Australian Cumberland sausage served with potato wedges & tomato ketchup
Chicken dippers/ຊິກເກັນດິບເປີ
Breaded chicken fillet dippers served with potato wedges & tomato ketchup
Fish dippers/ຟິສ ດິບເປີ
Breaded fish fillet dippers served with poraro wedges & tomato ketchup
Pasta with sausage/ພາສຕ້າ ກັບໄສ້ກອກ
A kid's sized portion of penne pasta served with sausage and tomato
Finger Pizza/ຟິງເກີ ພີສຊ່າ
Kid' size ham and salami pizza

Boozy dessert Shakes

Liquid peanut butter & Jelly sandwich/ເນຍຖົ່ວແບບເຫຼວ ແລະ ວຸ້ນ ແຊນວິດ
Bourbon whiskey, peanut butter and strawberry jam blended with handcrafted vanilla gelato ...
Chocolate Monkey Pants/ຊ໋ອກໂກ້ແລັດ ມັນກີ້ ແພັນ
Light and dark rums, banana and fresh cream blended with handcrafted chocolate and vanila ...


Orange & Oreo Cheescake/ໝາກກ້ຽງ ແລະ ອໍລີໂອ ຊີສເຄກ
Beautifully balanced cheescake made from locally grown green oranges with an orange coulis...
Pineapple Pick me up/ພາຍແອັບໂປ ພິກ ມີ ອັບ
Crumbled oreo cookies topped with pineapple cream, caramelised pineapple pieces and finish...
Bye Bye Miss American Pie (dessert shake)/ບາຍບາຍ ອາເມລິກາ
An alcohol-free dessert shake. A whle apple pie blended together with handcrafted vanilla ...
Fresh Fruit Plate/ໝາກໄມ້ສົດ
A selection of the freshest fruit bought faily from the market
Gelato (handcrafted)
One scoop, vanilla, chocolate, Matcha Latte, café latte, tiramisu
Sorbet (Vegan friendly)
One scoop, choco banana, strawberry