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2 cheese croquettes/2 ຊີສ ຄຣອກເກັທ໌
2 Ardennaise Croquettes/2 ອາເດັນໄນສ໌ ຄຣອກເກັທ໌
2 Shrimps Croquettes/2 ຊຣີມ ຄຣອກເກັທ໌
Trio of Croquettes/ທຣີໂອ ຄຣອກເກທ໌
Pata Negra Ham From Spain/ພາຕາ ເນກຣາ ແຮມ ຈາກ ສະເປນ
Number 1 from Normandie
Fresh Salmon Sashimi from Norway/ຊາຊີມິ ເຊວມອນສົດ ຈາກ ນໍເວ
Fresh Salmon with fish sauce/ເຊວມອນສົດກັບນ້ຳປາ
Directly from Norway
Sardines Plate
Saba fish from Japan/ປາຊາບະ ຈາກ ຢີ່ປຸ່ນ
Mini Cheese Burger/ມິນິ ຊີສ ເບີເກີ
Mini Pork Paté/ ມິນິ ໝູປາເຕ້
Mini Goat Cheese & Honey/ມິນິ ຊີສແກະ ແລະ ນ້ຳເຜິ້ງ
Cheese and Cut Gold Plate/ຊີສ ແລະ ຄັທ໌ ໂກດ ເພລກ
Cut Cold Plate/ຄັທ໌ ໂຄນ ເພລທ໌
Pork Paté/ປາເຕໝູ
Paté Ardennais
Cheese Plate/ຊີສ ເພລທ໌
Camembert, Maroualles, Pont l'Evêque, Goat Cheese, Tomme De Savoie
Spanish Tapas/ພັກໂຂມ ຕາປາສ
Chorizo Iberico, Salsishon, Serrano Gran Reserva, Coppa

Beef Steak

350g Belgian Fries and green pepper sauce/ສະເຕັກງົວຊອດພິກໄທ
350g Belgian Fries and green pepper sauce
Salmon Fish Filet/ສະເຕັກເຊວມອນ
White Wine and butter sauce Mash Potatoes
Cordon Bleu Chicken/ຄໍດອນ ບລູ ໄກ່
With Belgium Fries
Chicken Barbecue/ບາບີຄິວໄກ່
with fried risolated potatoes
Duck Breast Orange Sauce/ສະເຕັກເອິກເປັດ
with potatoes croquettes
Pork Chop Tamarin Sauce/ສະເຕັກດູກຂ້າງໝູ
with potatoes croquettes

Belgian Food

Carbonade à la Flamande/ຊີ້ນງົວໃສ່ເບຍເບວຢຽມຫົວບົວໃຫຍ່
Cooked with belgian brown abbey beer and TRADITIONAL belgiqn Beef Stew
Lapin à la Gueuze (rabbit)/ກະຕ່າຍໃສ່ເບຍເບວຢຽມ
Rabbit Stew cooked with Lambic Belgium Beer
Vol au Vent Konninginnehapje/ໄກ່ກັບຄຣີມອດເຫັດ
Chicken with creamy mushroom sauce (chicken, mushroom, cream, onion, fries
Pork Sausage with Stoemp/ໄສ້ກອກກັບມັນບົດ
Sausages with mash potatoes and carrot
Boulettes Tomato Sauce/ຊີ້ນກ້ອນຊອດໝາກເລັ່ນ
MeatBalls tomato sauce (beef and pork meat, tomato sauce and fries)
Americain préparé & Fries/ ສະເຕັກຊີ້ນດິບ
Tartare steak and Belgian Fries


Feta Salad/ສະລັດຊີສຂາວ
Chicken salad/ສະຫຼັດໄກ່
Salmon Salad/ເຊວມອນສະລັດ
Goat Cheese Salad and Bacon/ຊີສແກະສະລັດ ແລະ ເບຄອນ


Spaghetti Bolognese/ສະປາເກັສຕີ ໂບລອງເນສ
Spaghetti Carbonara/ສະປາເກັສຕີ ຄາໂບເນລາ
Spaghetti Salmon/ສະປາເກັສຕີ ເຊວມອນ
Zuchini, Ham, Brie Cheese

Parfum Laos

KhaopadGung Kai Muu/ເຂົ້າພັດກຸ້ງ/ໄກ່
Fied rice with shrimps, chicken or pork
Gung Sai Nam Paa/ກຸ້ງແຊນ້ຳປາ
Raw Shrimp sald with Chili
Tom Yam Gung Kai/ຕົ້ມຍຳກຸ້ງ/ໄກ່
Spicy Thai Soup with Shrimp or Chicken
Laap Kai Muu /ລາບໄກ່/ໝູ
Minced Chicken or Pork with menthol leaves and chili
Laap Phet Houa/ລາບເປັດ/ງົວ
Minced Beef or Duck with menthol leaves and chili

Mussels and Fries

Mariniere/ຫອຍໃສ່ສະນາລີ ຫອມບົ່ວໃຫຍ່
Onion Celery
Chokdee/ຫອຍໃສ່ສະນາລີ ຫອມບົ່ວໃຫຍ່ ວ່າຍ ຄຣີມ
Onion, Celery, White Wine, Cream
Shiva/ຫອຍໃສ່ສະນາລີ ຫອມບົ່ວໃຫຍ່ ກາລີ່ ກະທິ
Onion, Celery, curry, coco milk
Lao Style/ຫອຍໃສ່ສະນາລີ ຫອມບົ່ວໃຫຍ່ ໝາກເຜັດ ວ່າຍຂາວ
Onion Celery, Pilipili, white Wine
Mussels Plate/ຫອຍໃສ່ສະນາລີ ຫອມບົ່ວໃຫຍ່ ກະທຽມ ເນີຍ
In garlic butter sauce in owen
Sauce Dijonnaise/ຫອຍໃສ່ ມັສຕາດ ຄຣີມ ຜັກ
Mustard cream, onion
Sauce Ardennaise/ຫອຍໃສ່ເບຄອນ ເຫັດ ວ່າຍ ກະທຽມ ເນີຍ
Bacon cube, mushroom, wine, garlic, vegetable
Sauce Roquefort/ຫອຍໃສ່ ບລູຊີສ ວ່າຍ ຜັກ
Blue cheese, cream, wine, vegetable
Blanche/ຫອຍໃສ່ເບຍຂາວ ຄຣີມ ຜັກ ໝາກນາວ
White Beer, wine, cream, vegetable, lemon

Friterie (Fries Fries Fries !!)

Belgian Fries /ທອດມັນຝຣັ່ງ
and sauce
Hamburger + Fries/ແຮມເບີເກີ ແລະ ມັນຝຣັ່ງທອດ
Double Burger + Fries/ດັບໂບ້ເບີເກີ ແລະ ມັນຝຣັ່ງທອດ
Cheese Burger + Fries/ຊີສເບີເກີ ແລະ ມັນຝຣັ່ງທອດ
Double Cheese Burger + Fries/ດັບໂບຊີສເບີເກີ ແລະ ມັນຝຣັ່ງທອດ
Fish & Chips/ຟິສແອນຊິບ

Belgian Beers Amber Ale

Amber Ale wooden Stand Glass 33cl, 8,4%
Bush Amber
The STRONGEST Beer (33cl, 12,0%)
Le Fruit Défendu
Amber from Adam & Eve (33cl, 8,4%)
Gulden Draak 9000
Belgian Quad 33cl 9,5%

Belgian Beer Pale Ale

La Corne Bond
Light Pale Ale 33cl 5,9%
Saison Dupond
Coppery Blond, the finest aromas and a strong bitterness33cl 6,5%
Kasteel Blond
Refreshing through and through 33cl 6,5%
Bush Blond
Strong Pale Ale, Yellow Fruit 33cl 10,5%
Golden Ale 33cl 9,0%
Brugse Zot
Well Balanced easy drinking beer, with character 33cl 6,0%

Belgian Beer Triple Pale Ale

Hoegaarden Grand Cru
Bitter Sweet beer flavoured by coriander and orange 33cl 8,5%
Karmeliet Tripel
Brew with barley, wheat and oats, 33cl 8,4%
Note of lemons, malt and salfron, herbaceous aromas 33cl 8,0%
Bohemian hops and an unique yest strain 33cl 8,5%
Finely Malted and balanced mouth feel hoppy 75cl 8,0%
Delirium Tremmens
3 different kind of belgian kind of yeast 33cl 8,5%

Trappist Belgian Beers

Rocheforts 6
33cl 7,5%
Rocheforts 8
33cl 9,2%
Rochefort 10
33cl 11,3%
WestMalle Dubbel
Roasted malt caramel and licorice 33cl 7,0%
West Malle Tripel
An exeptionnal Beer with an incredible complexity of tastes 33cl 9,5%
Archel Dubbel
33cl 8,0%
Archel Triple
33cl 8,0%
Chimay Red
Dry mouth followed by light bitterness 33cl 7,0%
Chimay Triple
fruity notes 33cl 8,0%
Chimay Blue
Fruity and Spicy aromas, sharp bitterness 33cl 9,0%
La Trappe Dubbel
33cl 7,0%
La Trappe Trippel
Notes of peach, bananas and caramel 33cl 8,0%
La Trappe Quadrupel
A dutch Trappist beer of unreaveled complexity 33cl 10,0%
Sparkling, wild yeast bitter end note. A true belgian reference beer 33cl 6,2%
Best beer in the world, UNIQUE AND RARE 33cl 10,2%

White Belgian Beers

Blanche de Namur
Award winning of many constests 33cl 4,5%
Hoegaarden White
33cl 4,9%
Limburgse White
33cl 5,0%
St Bernardus White
33cl 5,5%

IPA Belgium Beers

Viven Imperial IPA
Sharp bitterness, A true experience for your palate 33cl 8%
Houblon Chouffe
Very Spice and Hoppy, balanced hops spices and malt
Prearis IPA
Clear red & fruity note IPA 33cl 6,7%
XX Bitter
An Herbaceous Belgian Beer with citrus zest 33cl 6,0%
Kasteel Hoppy
This is the proof that a well-hopped beer can also be very subtle 33cl 6,5%
Duvel Tripel Hop
Hop made with equinox hop
Vedett IPA
Light hoppy fruity 33cl 5,5%

Beer Aged in old oaks

Cuvée des Jacobains
Unblended lambic, barrel aged in oak cask for 18th months 33cl 5,5%
Gueuze Fond Tradition
A pure gueuze based on traditional lambic. Unsweetened & unfiltred! 37,5cl 5,0%
Mort Subite
Translate as "suddent death", siggly sour, nice for begginers 37,5cl 7,0%
Rodenbach Grand Cru
A special sour-ale blend of young and barrel-aged beer 75cl 6,0%
Rodenbach Vintage
Unique product Willful, Reliable, Hearty, Candid, Sophisticated for coinais
Boon Oud Gueuze
On the tongue, citrusy, acidulous flavours with muscat and ginger 37,5cl 7%
Boon Oud Kriek
Lambic Beer with spontaneous fermentation, brewed with fresh cherries. Fruity and Sour 37,...

Belgian Champagne Beer

Brew in Belgium following the Champagne process in France... UNIQUE 75cl 11,5%

Belgian Lager

The most popular Belgian Lager 33cl 5,2%

Fruity Belgian Beers

St Louis Kriek
Cheery beer, made on lambic base 25cl 4%
St Louis Peach
Peach Beer made on lambic base
Classic barrel-aged Lambic with clean, crisp peach flavours
Kaastel Rouge
Unique belnd of Kaastel Doncker and sweet cherry liqueur 33cl 8%
Bacchus Kriek
Beautiful Balance between sweet and sour. Fresh cherries 37,5cl 5,8%
Bacchus Raspberry
Beautiful Balance between sweet and sour with aromas of fresh raspberries 37,5cl 5%

Italian Craft Beers

LoveBeer Beer Bera 2015
sour wild beer, fermented in oak vats 37,5cl 8%
LoveBeer Marche L Re 2015
Stout imperial coffee spiced stout 37,5cl 8,5%

German Craft Beers

Kemker Graute Kaorns
Sour wild beer Sour dinkel Ale 33cl 6%
Kemker Lucas
Sour Wild beer, Strong sour Ale 33cl 9%

Norway Craft Beers

Lervig Coconut Imp Stout
Stout imperial bounty bar explosion 33cl 12,5%
Lervig Konrad's Stout
Stout imperial brewed with oatmeal 33cl 10,4%
Lervig Dark Orbit
Porter, chocolate, cocoa, nuts 33cl 7%

Portugese Craft Beers

Dois Corvos Bolo Del Mel
Stout imperial honey and orange flavours 33cl 9,3%
Dois Corvos Creature
IPA American Hops and British malts 33cl 6,8%
Dois Corvos Finisterra
Portor imperial, chocolate and caramel flavours 33cl 8,5%

English Craft Beers

Siren Broken Dream
Breakfast Stout with touch of smoke, coffee and chocolate 33cl 6,5%
Siren Calypso
Berliner Weisse 7 different hops 33cl 4%
Siren Barel aged Shattered Dream
Stout Imperial version of the broken dream 33cl 9,1%

Netherland Craft Beers

Kees Double Shot
Stout imperial chocolate, coffee and caramel 33cl 11%
Kees En Garde
Amber, Caramel and Oraange Flavours 33cl 7,5%
Kees Top of The Morning
Stout Imperial Oatmeal Breakfast Coffee Stout 33cl 8,6%
Kees Caramel Fudge Stout
Stout Imperial Caramel, chocolate and Fudge 33cl 11,5%
Kees Export Porter 1750
Porter, caramel and chocolate flavours 33cl 10,5%
Kees Wee Heavy
Scotch ALE caramel roasted malt and drid fruits 33cl 8,5%