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Roadhouse BBQ & Bar

Western - BBQ - Burger - Chicken - $$ - 19 Manthatourath Rd, Xien Yuen Village, Chanthabouly District Vientiane Vientiane, 01000
Opens until 23:00
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Roadhouse BAR & BBQ - bringing you handcrafted burgers & great smoked BBQ food cooked low and slow!


Roadhouse Ribs (Small)/ໂຫຼດເຮົ້າ ຣິບສ໌
Slow-cooked, fall-off-the-bone tender big back pork ribs. Broiled to finish and glazed wit...
Ultimate Double Glazed Ribs (Small)/ເອົາທິເມດ ດັບໂບ ເກສ ຣິບສ໌
Roadhouse Ribs double coated in our Legendary Glaze made with our favourite Tennessee Sour...
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich/BBQ ໝູແຊນວິດ
Slow smoked tender pork shoulder, shredded and tossed with our own spicy BBQ sauce. Served...


Roadhouse Bourbon Burger/ໂຫຼດເຮົ້າ ເບີບອນ ເບີເກີ
Our secret sweet ‘n’ smoky bourbon glaze, Monterey Jack cheese, bourbon candied bacon ...
Cheeseburger Deluxe/ຊີສເບີເກີ ດູລັກ
Simply grilled and topped with cheese and Roadhouse burger mayo
Bacon Cheese Burger/ເບຄອນ ຊີສ ເບີເກີ
Served with melted Cheddar cheese, bacon and Roadhouse burger mayo
The Classic/ເດິ ຄາສຊິກ
Simply grilled with Roadhouse burger mayo
Mushroom Onion Swiss Burger/ເບີເກີເຫັດຫອມບົ່ວໃຫຍ່
Classic burger topped with sautéed mushrooms, caramelised onion and melted Swiss cheese
BBQ Pulled Pork Burger/BBQ ໝູເບີເກີ
A 6oz beef patty topped with a generous layer of hand pulled smoked pork shoulder


Mozzarella Dippers/ມອຊເຊີເຊວລ່າ ດິບເປີ
Crisp and golden on the outside, creamy melted cheese on the inside. Served with a marinar...
Cajun Calamari/ຄາຈັນ ຄາລາມາຣີ
Calamari rings coated with a lightly Cajun seasoned batter then fried crisp and golden bro...
Roadhouse Wings (5 pcs)/ໂຫຼດເຮົ້າວິງສ໌
Smoked to perfection and tossed in our BBQ sauce. Topped with toasted sesame seeds and spr...
Buffalo Wings (5 pcs)/ບັບຟາໂລວິງ
Smoked wings tossed in our in-house Red Hot Buffalo sauce and served with a blue cheese di...
Avacado Hummus/ອາໂວກາໂດ ຮູມມັສ
Creamy avocado hummus served with toasted tortilla bread and fresh vegetable batons
Giant Onion Rings/ຫອມບົ່ວໃຫຍ່ໂອບຊີສມອຊເຊີເຣວລ່າເຊີບກັບມາເຣຍນ່າຊອດ
Super size onion rings wrapped in mozzarella cheese and coated in our crispy golden batter...
Chicken Tenders/BBQ ເອິກໄກ່
Crispy BBQ chicken breast strips, tossed in our secret crumb coating, served with a side o...
Triple Cooked Chips/ທຣິບໂປຄຸກຊິບ
Potatoes chips cooked thrice - crispy on the outside and fluffy in the centre