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Chinese Liaoning Dumpling Restaurant
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L'Adresse de Tinay

Opens until 22:00
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Foie Gras de Canard ‘mi-cuit’ maison / Duck Foie Gras house Terrine
Served with black Pepper from Kâmpôt & Armagnac, Sauternes sweet white Wine Reductio...
Thon rouge aux 4 épices / Four Spices Red Tuna
Seared Tuna Steak with 4 Spices, Eggplant Caviar, Passion Fruit, Mesclun Salad
Nems de Fromage de Chèvre / Goat Cheese fried Rolls
7 Rolls assortment, 7 flavours, Sun-dried Tomato, Tapenade Olive, Pesto, Thyme, Honey, Che...
Jambon de Serrano 'Gran Reserva' 36 Mois Serrano Ham 'Gran Reserva' 36 Months


Salade Niçoise
Seared Red Tuna, Quail Egg, marinated Red Pepper, Artichoke Heart, Broade Beans, Celery, C...
Salade Cesar
Roasted Chicken, Bacon, Croutons, Parmesan, Caesar Dressing, Caper, Tomato
Laap de Saumon rouge Sockeye (cru) / Red Sockeye Salmon (raw)
Mint, Coriander, Chives, Chilli, Sticky Rice (Khao Kai Noi), Mesclun Salad
Laap d'Entrecôte de Boeuf (Charolais French-Thai) (cuit) / Beef Ribeye (Charolais French-Thai) (cooked)
Mint, Coriander, Chives, Chilli,Sticky Rice (Khao Kai Noi), Mesclun Salad


Magret de Canard entier / Whole Duck Breast (200gr)
Entrecôte de Boeuf (Charolais French-Thai) / Beef Ribeye (Charolais French-Thai)
Brochettes d’Entrecôte façon Tinay / Tinay’s style Beef Ribeye Skewers (200gr)
Carré d’Agneau / Rack of Lamb
Roasted with Rosemary, your choice of Number of Cutlet
Cuisse de Canard confite et Magret séché maison / House Comfit Duck Leg & cured Duck Breast
Chistorra Sausage, Sweet Garlic Cream, Broad Beans ‘Ragout’ with Pesto
Filet de Tilapia / Tilapia Fillet
Mixed Vegetable ‘Ratatouille’, Ricefield Green Crab Bisque, Rouille Mayonnaise with sw...
Saumon rouge Sockeye (Canada) / Red Sockeye Salmon (Canada)
‘Darphin’ Rosti Potato with sun-dried Tomato, slow-cooked Zucchini with Pesto, Asparag...
Baramundi / Sea Bass
Fresh Tagliatelles (The State of Pasta), Broccolis, white Wine & Saffron Sauce


Fromages Français /French Cheese
According to shipment


Fondant au Chocolat chaud / Fondant hot Chocolate Cake
Crêpes Sauce au Chocolat chaud / Crêpes Suzette with hot Chocolate Sauce
Crêpe Suzette framblée au Grand Marnier / Crêpe Suzette flambed with Grand Marnier