Italian Tomato delivery menu

Chinese Liaoning Dumpling Restaurant
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Italian Tomato

Opens at 11:00
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Japanese Pancake



G02 Cube Roll Steak
G03 Salmon Steak
G04 Grilled Chicken Steak
Hanbager Steak


P02 Spaghetti Carbonora
P03 Spaghetti with Salmon Mushroom
P05 Spaghetti Japanese Napolitan
P06 Tomato Sauce Spaghetti with Garlic & Mozzarella cheese
UD02 Stir-Fried Udon with Japanese Curry
UD03 Fried Udon with Squid Mentalko

Gohan & Sashimi

RB01 Onigiri Japanese Rice Ball
Saimon, Whitebait, Coderoe (3 type for the option)
S31 Salmon Sashimi
S33 Salmon Nigiri Sushi
S39 A buri Sime-Saba Sashimi
S40 Seared Bonito


TP10 Topping Fried Egg
TP11 Topping Cheese
TP12 Topping Fried Chicken
3 pieces


CU1 Rice Bowl with Curry
CU2 Rice Bowl with Chicken Steak Curry
CU3 Rice Bowl with Hamberger Steak
CU4 Rice Bowl with Deep-Fried Pork Cutlet Steak Curry
CU5 Rice Bowl with Fried Fish Curry
CU6 Rice Bowl with Deep-Fried Sirloin Cattle Steak Curry
CU7 Rice Bowl with Seafood Curry
CU8 Rice Bowl with Plenty Mozzarella Cheese Curry
CU9 Rice Bowl with Serambled Egg Curry
CU10 Rice Bowl with Beef Mince Cutlets Curry
CU11 Rice Bowl with Fried Chicken
Grilled sausage curry


S01 Bean-Curd Salad
S02 Seafood Salad
S04 Boiled Green Soybeans
S05 Tonkatu
S06 French Fried
S07 Grilled with Ginger
S08 Corn Butter
S11 Grilled Sausages
S12 Fried Chicken with Vinegar
Tartar sauce plate
S13 Gyoza
S15 Fried Chicken
6 pieces
S16 Chicken nugget
6 pieces
S17 Meat Ball with Tomato Stewed