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Fu Man Lou Restaurant

Chinese - Asian - Noodle - Salad - Soup - $$$ - T2 Road, ban nakhan
Opens at 09:45
0 Ratings

For 10 people

Set 1
Appetizer, King Duck, Salted Shrimp, Salted Chicken, Mantou with pork leg, Pepper Beef, Je...
Set 2
Appetizer, King Duck, Stir Fried shrimp with XO sauce, bamboo shoot with Chinese red sauce...
Set 3
Appetizer, Salmon set, Lao Traditional baked snapping turtle, fried Shark’s fin with egg...
Set 4
Appetizer, Salmon Set, king duck, fried shrimp with XO sauce, Lao traditional baked snappi...
Set 5
Appetizer, Salmon set, grilled pig, Lao traditional baked snapping turtle, salted shrimp, ...
Set 6
Appetizer, grilled pig, fruit salad with shrimp, salted crab with egg, stir fried abalone ...
Set 7
Appetizer mix , salmon set, king duck, shark’s fin with egg, abalone stock with Chinese ...